Aftermath is a group place of AlexL486's Dom Games


Aftermath was the very first game published by AlexL486's Dom Games but was originally just under AlexL486's profile. As he began working on it more, he decided to make a group. The game began getting more updates after Squeezy_Snake, the first Co-Owner, was cast out from the group. This was due to the fact that all of the developers had to help re-assemble the map after he deleted almost every single part of it. It became larger and the map was more detailed, halting updates finally around January of 2017. The group reached a mighty size but then became inactive since there were no more updates being pushed out. It was shut down at least once for filtering issues since the custom chat script allowed people to swear. It was finally shut down as the prequel/sequel to Aftermath, Warface, was released. It was re-opened in July of 2017, due to popular request, and a remastered version was made.


Aftermath takes place somewhere in Siberia in 2056, it is about the conflict between regular citizens and the CPC, Centurion Order, United Survivor Front, Corellian Republic, and many other different factions.