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Kryatin is the current Lead Developer of AlexL486's Domination Games.

About Edit

Kryatin, formerly known (and still known as by his close friends) as Lightningman20, was born and has been raised in California, in the Bay Area. He first came to AlexL486's Dom Games during September of 2016, previously the Co-Owner of a dom game that was owned by a user under the name of ShootShoot8, who has since become ShootShoot 11. They still correspond occasionally when they have time to break from their daily activities.

He has been demoted at least 3 times now because he's an angry douchebag, but everyone still likes him for some reason. He was one of the three head staff heavily involved in the creation of SSB, and was one of the only developers to begin the Aftermath: Remastered project.

Kryatin is 13 years old, and as formerly mentioned lives in the Bay Area. His real name is Jonathan, and he wears glasses because his eyesight is uglier than Hillary's Email scandal.