Introduction Edit

World War 3, also known as The Third World War, The End of the World, and The Last World War is a conflict in the "Aftermarth" Universe.

Background Edit

World War 3 began around mid 2020 due to a dispute over the South China Sea between multiple parties. This included NATO, the CSTO, ASEAN, and many other smaller alliances.

The War Escalates Edit

The war dragged on in an intense stalemate, in which the South China Sea was the site of many large naval battles. Eventually, the People's Republic of China loses their Naval Superiority in the region, thus allowing the United States to invade Mainland China.

China Falls, Russia is Next Edit

As the war continued, the People's Republic Fell, then the now collapsed Russian Federation was brought in. The nations of the newly collapsed Russia (The Siberian Empire and Corelian Republic. [The FST were annexed before the former could be attacked]) began to prepare their defenses for the inevitable invasion by United States ground forces.

The War Closes Edit

The Russian powers began to lose. They thought they could win. They had the tech, firepower, manpower, and will.

So, they launched nuclear weapons at NATO.

The Nuclear Exchange Edit

Everything happened in a mere 6 hours. NORAD was notified, tried to counter as many nukes as possible, only to collapse under the pressure of thousands of cold war bombs. Everything ended in a bang.